Popular Orthodox Rally (LA.OS) party leader George Karatzaferis, speaking after his meeting with the ambassador of Iran in Athens Mehdi Honardoost, expressed the view that the future moves in the region of the Middle East and the wider Mediterranean must include Iran's possible reactions.

Karatzaferis termed Iran a big power and a friendly country, while saying that an in-depth discussion took place during his meeting. He also termed the current period extremely crucial that must not add on more problems. On his part, the ambassador of Iran, according to sources of the LAOS party, asked Karatzaferis, whom he termed an old friend of his, for his opinion on the latest developments in the region of the Middle East and North Africa.

Moreover, in a statement, Karatzaferis commented on all that visiting Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said about Kastelorizo earlier in the day, stressing that from the beginning of the year and in Parliament he had "warned the government that Turkey would try to invent, to trump up ways to take Kastelorizo out of the development of the exclusive economic zone."

"Mr. Davutoglu has begun to orchestrate this situation. Every day that passes he is acting against our country on a major national issue," Karatzaferis concluded.