Main opposition New Democracy (ND) party leader Antonis Samaras, speaking at an event of the party's youth group ONNED for women in Thessaloniki on Tuesday, called for more young people and women joining ND.

"We see next to us women who have succeeded in entering the undisputed territory of men for years in a series of professions. Our struggle is to bring renewal to ND and if something will make me proud, in the future, will be for me to have achieved this renewal in practice and not in words," he said.

He placed emphasis on the activation of women and stressed that "if we search really, every sector has the best, and if they think about it they might sacrifice certain dreams and prospects for them to join the difficult sport of politics."

Samaras stressed that ND's aim is social progress with merit and noted "without you we will not forge ahead. With you we shall forge ahead and we shall lead the country where it deserves, where it is suited, where it belongs, which is in progress and merit and with the right to the dream of every man and every woman."