A 30-year-old mother of two from Neohori in Xanthi was seriously injured on Thursday, crushed beneath an inter-city bus that collided with an oncoming train. The unlucky woman was not a passenger on the bus but trying to help the bus driver escape collision with the train.

The accident occurred at the Neohori junction when the bus became trapped on the level crossing just as the bars came down, with one woman and a child on board. The woman that was injured driving the car in front, which managed to pass the level crossing on time.

The 30-year-old left her car and went back to help, however, when she saw the bus was trapped, trying to lift the bar manually so that the bus might drive through. At that moment, the train hit the rear end of the bus and caused it to capsize, trapping the unlucky young woman beneath it.

The woman was rushed to the Stavroupolis health centre and then the Xanthi General Prefecture Hospital where she was admitted with grave injuries. The driver and two passengers on the coach suffered shock and were also taken to hospital for observation.