Prime Minister George Papandreou, speaking after his meetings with opposition party leaders on Tuesday, said that the Greek government will pursue a "global solution" in the crucial European Union Summit meetings on March 11 and 25.

Papandreou said that he notified that this is the Greek position and this is the struggle that the government will wage. He called on all party leaders, as he said, to assume their responsibilities and support this national, as he termed it, effort because it concerns all.

The prime minister also mentioned that in light of the two summits there are many open issues for negotiating. Among them he referred to the European economic governance, the so-called competitiveness plan, the future support mechanism, and the terms for serving the debt by member-states facing problems such as Greece. Also, as he said, there are the issues of the eurobond and the imposition of a tax on fiscal transactions, two issues that the European Parliament ratified on Tuesday.

Papandreou said that the global solution that Greece is promoting is also necessary for the safeguarding of the stability of the eurozone. Greece is working hard and creatively for such a solution but, as he stressed, this solution must also be real. Meaning, as he explained, that Europe cannot be taken by surprise by the markets nor appear as dragging itself behind them.

The prime minister termed the struggle being waged by Greece for markets to function for the benefit of citizens, a struggle of democracy.

The government's main pursuit, as the prime miniser underlined, is for Greece to stand on its feet as soon as possible. This, he added, will be good for Greece as well as for Europe.

"Our conviction is that the Greek issue is at the same time a European issue and the European issue is at the same time a Greek one," he noted.

"We are waging the struggle to achieve the best possible for the country," Papandreou added, "and we shall continue all together the effort for the homeland to stand on its feet and for us not to experience again the difficult situations we are living today."