Government sources in Athens have confirmed an AFP report that Prime Minister George Papandreou spoke with Libya's Colonel Muammar Gaddafi on the telephone on Tuesday. The initiative for the call was made by Gaddafi.

They said the prime minister had listened to Gaddafi's views on events in Libya and emphasised the importance of the UN resolution in his reply, stressing the need to find a solution in order to avoid the emerging humanitarian crisis and the escalation of violence caused by the increasing number of victims that was raising the chances of civil war.

The AFP report, quoting the Libyan state news agency Jana, said that the Libyan leader had telephoned Papandreou in order to warn the European Union against interfering in his country's affairs.

"Any violation of Libya's security or stability would necessarily have dire consequences for the security in north Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe," Gaddafi warned, according to Jana.

He also noted that Greece was "a friend of Libya that can pass on this piece of advice to the European Union," AFP said.

Libyan executive jet enters Athens FIR on way to Cairo

A Libyan airplane, identified as a Falcon 900 executive jet, entered the Athens FIR just before 11 a.m. on Wednesday, southwest of Crete.

The plane had reportedly filed a flight plan for Cairo, according to reports. The same sources added that no VIP was declared as being on the plane.