A young woman candidate for mayor in Naoussa with 40 women candidates for the municipal council on her independent ticket will be running in Sunday's repeat local government elections.


Ilia Iosifidou, a civil engineer, heading an independent ticket that is not backed by any political party, was among the two top vote-getters in the first round of local administration elections last Sunday and is poised for the run-offs this coming Sunday.

Iosifidou's ticket comprises 40 women and 71 men at a time when the required quota of women candidates is 28.

"We've been saying, since we were children, that we want to change the world," the locally-born Iosifidou told, adding that, a few years later, "I thought that I could at least change my city".

She said that she is not satisfied with the proportion of women candidates in the local government elections nationwide, but is pleased with her ticket's performance.