A foreign Ministry spokesman on Thursday again reminded of Athens' standing position in favor of the accession of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (fYRoM) into the European Union, while emphasising that this position, however, revolves around the “basis that has been unanimously accepted at the EU level, which requires that the 'name issue' be solved in advance”.


Spokesman Grigoris Delavekouras stated that the EU report on fYRoM refers to certain steps of progress that have been made as well as to a “decelerating and backward course followed by the country in basic sectors of public administration and in the administration of justice.”

The foreign ministry spokesman also pointed out that “when the name issue is resolved, fYRoM will see for itself that Greece will be its most important ally in its EU accession course.”

Delavekouras stressed that the reactions on behalf of the Skopje government “should not disorient us” because the “essence is that the European Commission has addressed a clear warning to the country’s leadership; namely, there is delay in the implementation of reforms and the name issue should be resolved for the process to move ahead.”