Main opposition New Democracy spokesman Panos Panagioto-poulos on Thursday said the prime minister "appears not to have understood the vote of the Greek people" and said that the message should be even stronger during the second round of local government polls this Sunday.


"He must - finally - understand that there must be a change of course, a real change of policy," Panagiotopoulos said.

Concerning the figures announced by the Hellenic Statistical Authority for unemployment rates in August 2010, the spokesman said that there was a new jump to 12.2 percent from 9 percent in the same month last year.

"The confirms the terrible dead ends that PASOK's policies are creating in Greek society but there is a way of getting out of these dead ends: the policy of the Memorandum must be denounced by our fellow citizens' vote in the second Sunday also," he said.


Government spokesman replies to ND spokesman

Government spokesman George Petalotis, replying to a statement by the main opposition New Democracy (ND) party's spokesman on unemployment, said that ND "which was deceiving the citizens with distorted data is now shedding crocodile tears on unemployment and the memorandum".

"ND's crocodile tears on unemployment and the memorandum do not convince anyone. The party that insistently deceived citizens and partners with distorted data on unemployment, that led the country unshielded to the crisis, has only one anxiety: To conceal its political nonexistence," Petalotis said.

"The government, however, through 'Kallikratis', has national goals only. To lead the citizen to the nucleus of power and the local societies to viable growth. Let them realise at last that this is also our great difference," he added.