Minister urges rector to step into university dispute

Minister urges rector to step into university dispute

One day after administrative staff at Athens University and the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) decided to extend their strike into a 13th week, Education Minister Constantinos Arvanitopoulos (photo) on Friday urged the rector of the former to step in and end the dispute.

During a telephone call on Friday the embattled minister asked rector Theodosis Pelegrinis to make a public statement asking staff to end their action. Switching the institution back into operation, he said, is a precondition for further talks over government plans to put hundreds of workers into a scheme of forced transfers and layoffs.

Earlier, Arvanitopoulos held talks with representatives of the NTUA in a bid to defuse the crisis.

NTUA workers appear divided about the ongoing strike. According to a union representative, about half of the staff turned up for work on Friday. His claim was disputed by striking employees.


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