Greek state bond prices drop in February, while yields rose markedly in the same month, the Bank of Greece announced on Friday.

In a monthly report, the central bank said turnover in the domestic electronic secondary bond market rose to 847 million euros in February, from 707 million in January, while bond prices fell across Europe, but mostly in Portugal and Greece.

The three-year benchmark bond price fell to 82.56 basis points in February, with the yield rising to 14.27 pct, while the five-year bond yielded 14.02 pct. The 10-year benchmark bond price fell to 69.52 pct with the yield rising to 11.79 pct. The 30-year bond yield rose to 8.84 pct last month. The yield spread between the 10-year Greek and German benchmark bonds widened to 862 basis points in February, from 837 bps in January.