Family escapes burning apartment in Thessaloniki

Family escapes burning apartment in Thessaloniki

Four people managed to escape unharmed after their apartment in the Kordelio suburb of Thessaloniki, in northern Greece, went up in flames in the early hours of Thursday.

The fire is believed to have been caused by candles that had been left unattended. The family – an elderly couple, their son and grandson – had their power supply cut off for more than two years due to unpaid bills, the local mayor told the media on Friday.

Two family members were reportedly taken to hospital with breathing problems.

Earlier this month, a 13-year-old girl of Serbian origin died of carbon monoxide poisoning in an apartment in Thessaloniki.

The police said that she died after inhaling fumes from a wood-burning stove her mother was using to heat the home after its electricity was disconnected.


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