Alt. DM cites 'revisionist' policy by Turkey vis-a-vis Aegean status

Alternate Defence Minister Panos Beglitis reiterated on Friday, speaking in Larissa, that neighbouring Turkey's "revisionist" position vis-à-vis the status of the Aegean is well known.

"However, this (position) is far removed from respect of International Law and international treaties, which our country insists on in order to protect our sovereign rights," he said.

Speaking days after a high-profile and well-received visit by Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to Greece, Beglitis nevertheless added:

"Geography, international treaties and International Law form the conditions in the eastern Mediterranean region, and Greece defended, defends and will defend its rights, always on the basis of international law.

Moreover, he said these rights, as emanating from International Law, obviously include the isle of Kastellorizo.

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