Greece is at the center of the decisions that will be taken later in the day on the economic crisis in the eurozone and the situation in Northern Africa, Greek prime minister George Papandreou said on Friday in Brussels before going into an emergency EU summit on the situation in Libya.

He added that Greece is doing everything possible on both fronts.

"Regarding the economic crisis, Greece is on the right track with its programs, having taken painful measures, so as to render the economy viable," Papandreou said, stressing that "we now need strong European decisions to calm the markets".

On the situation in Northern Africa, Papandreou said that Greece has been active in the humanitarian efforts for the evacuation of thousands of people from Libya, noting that "even today (Friday) we had a successful collaboration with The Netherlands for the evacuation of three Dutch citizens", referring to three Dutch marines who were released by the Libyan regime after nearly two weeks of captivity following the landing of a helicopter near Sirte without Libyan authorisation to evacuate Dutch citizens.

The premier said that Greece will continue its efforts, but stressed that it is very important that the EU takes strong, historic, decisions both on the front of the economy and on the Northern Africa front, particularly regarding Libya.