Prime Minister George Papandreou, speaking after the conclusion of the European Union's extraordinary summit focusing on the situation in North Africa and Libya, said that the EU has shown a common stance and voice on the condemnation of the violence in Libya and of the country's regime and is taking decisions on reinforced sanction measures.

The prime minister stressed in statements that the European leaders expressed their support for democratic changes in the wider region, as well as their will to stand by the peoples of the entire region and by their efforts for the implementation of visions for a democratic society, free and one of justice.

According to Papandreou, the EU also stressed its readiness to support, with humanitarian aid, all the regions and in particular of the people of Libya as well as the refugees of other countries.

As regards humanitarian aid in particular, the prime minister referred to Greece, which is playing a very important role with its efforts such as the transfer of 15,000 Chinese as well as many other foreign citizens from Libya.

Referring to Friday's transfer of three Dutch citizens from Libya to Greece and then to Holland, Papandreou said that his Dutch counterpart conveyed to him with special emotion the thanks of all the Dutch people to the Greek government and the Greek people for this successful operation.

Focusing on the decision by the "27" for there to be an overall plan by June on the handling of immigration and refugee waves, Papandreou stressed Greece's particular situation that receives 90 percent of illegal immigrants, who head for Europe from Greece, pointing out the assurances set out for specific policies.

Lastly, the prime minister stressed the need for the countries on the front of these developments to be supported, noting that Greece constitutes a country of stability for Europe.

Regarding the discussion that would follow between the European leaders on the crisis in the eurozone, Papandreou underlined that what is necessary with these decisions "is for us to stabilise the entire eurozone, and Greece together, and we shall wage this struggle now."