Hundreds of thousands of salaried employees and pensioners who have just one source of income will not be obliged to submit tax declarations as of next year, Haris Theoharis, the general secretary for public revenues, has revealed in an interview with Sunday’s Kathimerini.

“Now that we have achieved our goal to have virtually all declarations submitted electronically we can proceed to the next stage, namely removing the obligation to submit declarations as of 2014,” Theoharis said. Taxpayers will merely have to log into their account, via Taxisnet, and approve the details that are already in their online declaration. If necessary they can submit additional details, he said.

The Finance Ministry official also revealed that the government planned to “make some technical improvements” to the terms of a payment plan for those with outstanding debts to the state. The aim is to include more taxpayers in the plan, he said.

Theoharis also expressed optimism about the outlook for revenue collection from an ongoing crackdown on widespread tax evasion. He said the government was confident that it could collect more than 500 million euros by intensifying this crackdown next year, significantly more than the estimate of 350 million euros given by auditors representing Greece’s troika of international creditors. “They have a tendency to be more conservative than us,” Theoharis said of the troika. “I think, however, that although they might have been closer to reality in previous years, we are the ones with the more accurate insights now,” he added.