More evidence regarding the activities of Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris and other members of the neo-Nazi party emerged on Wednesday as magistrates continued to study digital records recovered from the homes of the group’s MPs.

A video of Kasidiaris shooting at a road sign with what appears to be an automatic rifle is among the material being studied by magistrates. Several images of Kasidiaris holding or firing guns have already surfaced.

Perhaps even more damning is a photo recovered from the spokesman’s computer that shows him, his brother Alexandros and several other men giving Nazi salutes while bare-chested. His brother sports a tattoo with the word “Chetnik,” a reference to the Serb nationalist paramilitary group that cooperated with the Nazis in the Second World War.

The publication of this photo in the media on Wednesday led to Alexandros Kasidiaris, a second lieutenant in the army being moved to Athens and placed under watch while an internal investigation is carried out. He was also arrested in October last year for illegal possession of a weapon.

Investigators have also found a scanned copy of a policeman’s identity card on Ilias Kasidiaris’s computer. It is believed that the Golden Dawn spokesman or an accomplice may have been using it to create forged documents. A copy of the same ID card with Alexandros Kasidiaris’s photograph was found on the same computer.