Two migrant-runners were arrested and seven illegal migrants were intercepted on Sunday near the Kipi customs house by a special police squad, in collaboration with Frontex officers.

According to an announcement by the Alexandropoulos police headquarters, police officers at dawn Friday spotted a group of illegal migrants heading towards the village of Peplo, near Ferres, led by a man. A few hours later a car arrived at the spot and picked up the illegal migrants, before heading towards Alexandroupolis.

Police signalled the car's driver to stop, but he sped off, heading into the opposite lane on Egnatia Road in the direction of Kipi.

Shortly before reaching the Kipi customs house, the vehicle stopped and the driver attempted to escape on foot, but was quickly intercepted and arrested.

Seven illegal immigrants were found inside the car and detained. Two hours later, a second migrant-runner -- who left the car after the migrants were picked up and headed on foot towards Evros river in order to return to Turkey -- was also arrested. Police found a cell phone and 12 Chinese passports in his possession, while two more cell phones were found in the possession of the driver of the vehicle.

Police later turned up that the car was stolen.