Prime Minister George Papandreou reiterated to his Cabinet, which convened on Sunday, that Friday's decisions by the Eurogroup constitute a "significant milestone" for the country and Europe.

He again noted that the Greek people's efforts are paying off, while noting that that the country's course is now squarely "in our hands".

Moreover, Papandreou called the main opposition's position in the wake of the Eurogroup's decisions "positive", while calling for such a productive stance in the future.

In other statements, the Greek premier requested more devotion to their portfolios by ministers and unity, warning that "reactions by vested interests will continue".

Finally, he dismissed the ubiquitous press speculation over snap elections, but more poignantly, scenarios over a looming government reshuffle.

In other matters, the prime minister reiterated the government's condolences to the Japanese people, adding that his office is in constant contact with the Japanese side in order to contribute to whatever efforts take place in the Far East country.

In reference to the situation in strife-plagued North Africa, he cited what he called a "citizens' revolution" and "authoritarian regimes backed by vested interests and a lack of transparency".

Finally, he condemned the violence by the Libyan regime and warned of a wave of illegal immigration from the region.