The remains of a 23-year-old conscript who was killed in 1948, during Greece’s civil war, were returned on Saturday to his family in the village of Kerasochori in Evritania, central Greece, the Athens-Macedonian news agency reported.

Charalambos Korkovis was killed in the mountains around Souli, northwestern Greece, fighting for the government-controlled Greek army.

His body was buried in the area, at the village of Ardosi.

During some excavation work near his grave site last month, Korkovis’s remains became exposed and the local priest collected them and began to trace Korkovis’s past.

This resulted in a low-key ceremony being held in his home village on Saturday, when his 89-year-old sister Agathi received Korkovis’s remains.

She was the only surviving member of a family of six brothers and sisters.