A judicial council will have to meet to decide whether to remand in custody or release on bail two Greeks accused of murdering a 27-year-old Pakistan man in central Athens in January.

The judges will have to convene because the two prosecutors and the judge involved in the case are unable to agree on what action to take. The prosecutors have recommended that the two suspects, Dionysis Liakopoulos and Christos Stergiopoulos, be held for the stabbing of Luqman Shahzad. The judge, Isidoros Doyiakos, believes that they should be granted conditional release.

The defendants, who were identified by witnesses at the scene of the crime, deny the incident was racially motivated or that they were affiliated to Golden Dawn. During the hearings last week, they argued that they got into a row with the victim after he allegedly got in their way with his bicycle. The two suspects were riding a scooter.