Six individuals arrested in Athens and Volos early Monday in an ongoing investigation into the “Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire” urban guerilla group are apparently linked with the six suspects arrested last December in Athens’ Nea Smyrni district and Piraeus, based on allegations contained in a case file forwarded to examining magistrates on Tuesday.

The six arrested on Monday face criminal charges for participation in the terrorist group “Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire” and felony charges for firearms possession. One of suspects, Olga Economidou, is facing additional charges for aggravated weapons possession. The specific charges concern last December’s case file, based on the discovery of her fingerprint in one of the residences investigated.

Two of the suspects, Damiano (or Ntamiano) Bolano and Georgios Nikolopoulos, wanted in relation to an older case concerning 14 parcel bombs, were questioned on Tuesday ,refusing, however, to recognise the process. A third suspect, Christos Tsakalos is scheduled to provide a statement on Wednesday and is expected to adopt a similar stance.

All six are scheduled to appear before an investigating magistrate on Wednesday regarding the Volos case.

Volos safehouse weapons not linked to terror attacks

Police on Tuesday said that the three kalashnikov assault rifles, 7 pistols and one revolver found in a suspected safehouse of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire urban terror group in the town of Nea Ionia, in Volos, during a police raid at dawn Monday, in which six people were arrested, have not been used in any terrorist attacks, according to the ballistics findings on the weaponry.

The ballistics investigation is continuing to ascertain whether the weapons have been used in other criminal actions, police added.