The outstanding debt of government ministries and the country’s regions totaled 832.53 million euros at the end of 2010, up from 718.21 million euros in November 30 and 621 million euros in October 31, 2010, a finance ministry report showed on Tuesday.

The report attributed this increase to a change in the way these debts were recorded. More analytically, of the total 832.53 million euros of outstanding debt, 435.5 million covered the public investments program and 397 million euros the regular budget. Legal entities’ debt to third parties totaled 4.520 billion euros, of which 551.9 million were local government organizations, 2.225 billion euros were hospitals, 1.583 billion were social insurance organizations and 159.4 million euros other legal entities. Legal entities’ total debt obligation to third parties totaled 8.6 billion euros, while the general government’s deficit totaled 23.1 billion euros in 2010.