Prime minister George Papandreou will brief parliament on Friday on the results of last week's informal eurogroup and extraordinary EU summits in Brussels, which decided to extend the repayment period for Greece's 110 billion euro EU/IMF support loan and a reduction of the interest rate.

Papandreou on Tuesday submitted to parliament president Filippos Petsalnikos a relevant request, by virtue of Article 142 A of the Rules of Parliament, which provides that «the prime minister or government may seek to make announcements or statements to the House at any given time on a serious public matter, for prompt and responsible briefing of the parliament", outside the procedures of an off-the-agenda debate.

The procedure set out in the Rules of Parliament provides for an announcement or statement of the government, by the prime minister, which cannot exceed 10 minutes, and the leaders of the parliamentary groups may state their views for a duration of not more than five minutes each. The prime minister may reply to the leaders, and the reply cannot exceed five minutes. The opposition leaders have the right to a counter-reply not exceeding three minutes each, while the prime minister closes the discussion in a final statement that does not exceed five minutes.