Greece's Atomic Energy Commission EEAE on Wednesday issued a series of instructions to Greek shipping firms and seamen near the coast of Japan, to help defend against excessive exposure to radiation leaked after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident.

The EEAE advises seamen to follow the instructions of local authorities and take certain precautionary measures, especially when doing work outdoors. Among these are:

    - Minimising the time spent outdoors - Diligent washing down of the deck of the ship
    - Diligent personal hygiene
    - Washing hands before eating
    - Use of a disposable outfit or second set of clothes and shoes for work on the deck or outdoors.
    - Careful scrubbing of the ship, crew and clothes after the ship moves away from the area near the accident

EEAE has also advised ships' crews to contact local authorities about obtaining iodine supplements, which it said should be taken at doctors' orders and in the case of exposure to high doses of radioactive iodine affecting the thyroid.

Also, ships have been instructed to inform authorities at their next destination after leaving the proximity of the accident.