“The Greek foreign ministry is in consultations with airline companies to reserve airline tickets and facilitate the transport of Greeks living in Japan who wish to return to Greece,” foreign ministry spokesman Grigoris Delavekouras said on Wednesday.

He stated that roughly 130-150 Greeks are in Japan and currently there is no issue of relocation of the Greek embassy in Tokyo to another city.

Delavekouras stated that Athens has offered to assist Japan as proven by the relevant list of countries made public by the Japanese government.

“Our country’s readiness is a given, and we are expecting the Japanese side’s response,” he said.

FM spokesman on use of nuclear energy

“Not using nuclear energy was and still is Greece’s choice,” foreign ministry spokesman Grigoris Delavekouras on Wednesday said in response to a relevant question on the operation of nuclear plants in neighboring countries.

He stressed that the issue is being examined within the framework of the EU and procedures have been activated to “ensure that the nuclear plants’ operation will be assessed very carefully”.

“The crisis in Japan speaks for itself,” Delavekouras underlined, adding that “Greece’s position is that specifications should be strictly observed and thorough inspections should be conducted, while the nuclear energy issue as a whole should be dealt with very cautiously”.