Communist Party of Greece (KKE) leader Aleka Papariga accused the government of telling lies and the half-truth about Greece's negotiation at the EU summit, and predicted that more measures that will be even more barbarous for the working people, are on the horizon.

Speaking at a briefing by prime minister George Papandreou in parliament on the outcome of last week's special EU summit, Papariga also accused the premier of making demands only to the point where the cohesion of the EU is not at risk, stressing that capital, not the state debt, is the "vampire and nightmare" of the Greek people.

"We do not separate the debt. The debt was born illegally by capital, antagonism and the counter-productive forces. We tell the Greek people to write it off and not acknowledge it, because it is illegally and should be treated as such," Papariga said.

She anticipated that the Greek people will be burned with new measures, adding that what Europe is discussing is how to distribute the loss and damage without the capital losing out.

Papariga further warned that the Greek people will have to pay more taxes and "a 75 billion euros 'bill' at its expense for the coming years".