Three unidentified dead bodies, believed to have been illegal migrants, were found by an army patrol in the Evros River on Friday.

The bodies are those of three men between the ages of 25 and 30 years old. They show no marks of a struggle or other criminal action and are believed to have drowned in an attempt to swim across the river.

Two of the bodies were naked and in an advanced state of decay while the third was significantly disfigured by bites from fish. The three bodies were taken out of the water by a team of fire men and transported to the University General Hospital in Alexandroupolis for an autopsy.

In a related incident, police arrested a suspected migrant trafficker transporting five illegal migrants in his car in the region of Iasmos, Rodopi. The suspect was arrested following police pursuit as he refused to obey a signal to pull over on the Egnatia highway. The car was later found to be stolen and the six occupants have been arrested and will be led before a public prosecutor in Alexandroupolis.