Greece’s trade deficit was 22.4 billion euros in January, down 11.5 billion euros compared with the same month last year, Eurostat said on Friday. The EU executive’s statistics agency, in a report published here, said Greek exports totaled 15.8 billion euros in the first month of 2011, while imports totaled 38.3 billion euros. Greek exports grew 8.0 pct while imports were 21 pct down.

Eurostat said Germany recorded the biggest trade surplus (152.4 billion euros), followed by Ireland (43.4 billion euros). The UK recorded the highest trade deficit (115.5 billion euros), followed by France (64.1 billion), Spain (51.8 billion) and Italy (27.3 billion).

Eurozone recorded a trade deficit of 14.8 billion euros in its transactions with the rest of the world, while the EU-27 recorded a trade deficit of 29.8 billion euros.