The number of registered unemployed totaled 692,496 in February, the Workforce Employment Organization (OAED) said on Friday. In a report, OAED said 43.46 pct of them were men (300,951) and 56.54 pct (391,545) women. The figure was up 0.43 pct compared with January.

The 30-54 age group accounted for 62.49 pct of registered unempmloyed, the below-30s age group accounted for 28.09 pct and the above-50s age group accounted for 9.42 pct. Greek citizens accounted for 92.06 pct of registered unemployed, third countries’ citizens accounted for 6.33 pct and EU citizens 1.60 pct.

The number of unemployed receiving unemployment benefit totaled 280,076 in February, up 8.44 pct from the previous month. New hirings totaled 45,702 in February, from January, while lay-offs totaled 21,475 (down 29.55 pct). Net flows of employment in the private sector was -10,652 in February from -28,995 in January.