The government will re-examine all tax breaks offered both to enterprises and individual taxpayers, along with a plan to drastically cut the number of tax bureaus in the country, Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou said on Friday.

Addressing a seminar organised by the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce on the tax system, the minister announced a new round of tax policy reviews, while stressing that “a second step was needed to re-examine each tax-break and other taxes burdening the business community and to agree on something more simple, more transparent and fair”.

Papaconstantinou also announced a series of mergers and closures of tens of tax agencies around the country as part of a restructuring of the tax agency system. “Tax agencies will close down. I do not want citizens to go to tax agencies, we have too many tax agencies,” the finance minister said. “This country does not need 289 tax bureaus, it needs 100 at most,” he added.

Papaconstantinou also announced more intense tax inspections on specific professional groups.