President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias on Friday visited the 114 Combat Wing in Tanagra, central Greece, and was briefed on the unit's operational work and activities and was given a guided tour of the land-based satellite station that was due to become fully operational officially on Friday.

President Papoulias had the opportunity to see pictures through the satellite station of the destruction caused to the installations of the nuclear plant in Japan. In a statement, President Papoulias termed "inconceivable at this moment", when all are shocked by the destruction at the nuclear reactors in Japan, "for Turkey to want to build its own nuclear reactor in a seismic region, opposite Rhodes. "Mr. (Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip) Erdogan must think about it many times" and called on the Europeans to intervene "so that we shall not have a disaster, that will be on our threshold."

President Papoulias, praising the Air Force's contribution said "we are in an era in which we must defend our sovereign rights and I think that the Air Force is doing it on a daily basis under adverse conditions, that are many times superhuman. Our Air Force is underlining that we are ready to defend at least what we received from the older with struggles, sacrifices and sweat."