The Greek police have released 16 photographs of the five suspected members of the terror group "Conspiracy of Cells of Fire" recently arrested in Volos and Kifissia, as well as the names used by the group in various fake documents, appealing to members of the public to come forth with any information concerning these.

The 16 photographs were released on Friday afternoon and had all been used by suspects Georgios Nikolopoulos, Damianos Bolano, Christos Tsakalou, Giorgos Polydorou, Olga Economidou and Mihalis Nikolopoulos to make fake identity cards and other documents.

In addition, they also released the names of 11 people used on the fake documents and details of another 16 that had been found on hand-written notes in premises used by the suspects, which the counter terrorism squad believes would have been used in the same way.

The documents and other evidence were found and confiscated in the apartments on Ellispontou Street, Volos and Sapfous Street in Kallithea.

The names used in the fake IDs were Christos Lykogeorgos of Epaminondas, Georgios Vassiliou of Anastasios, Loukoutos-Vokos of Ioannis, Anastasios Kokotinis of Georgios, Maria Arianoutsou of Theodoros, Georgios Fakinos of Emmanuel, Dimitrios Konstantopoulos of Panagiotis, Dimitrios Kapetanopoulos of Periklis, Peter Athanassiou (two IDs) and Antonios Makris of Georgios.

The 16 names found in hand-written notes were the following: Georgia Tripolitaki, Maria Rita Angeliki Kailothanasaki, Constantinos Doulas, Evangelos Evaggelidis, Leonidas Stylianos, Orestis Magkas, Vassilios Bourdouvalis, Nikolaos Vlatas Vlatakis, Stefania Patsarika, Constantinos Bougiopoulos, Dimitrios Vakakis, Evangelos Zafeiris, Georgia Manoli, Dionysios Xenakis and the names of two Pakistanis and one Romanian on asylum applications.

Police have urged members of the public to volunteer any information they might have concerning any of the above names, confidentially, at the counter terrorism service phone lines 170, 1014 and 1964.