The terms of the Memorandum drawn up for the European Union and International Monetary Fund loans to Greece must be drastically revised, main opposition New Democracy's leader Antonis Samaras said in an interview that is due to be published by the Sunday edition of "Eleftheros Typos".

In this, Samaras stresses that he is not opposed to the long-term goals set in the Memorandum but disagrees with the policies imposed in order to reach them. He also stressed that simply modifying the terms for repaying the loans will not be sufficent to correct the problem, which is the vicious cycle of recession caused by the economic policy imposed by the Memorandum.

Concerning the proposed privatisation of state assets, Samaras said that he did not disagree with the principle but only with the timing, since Greece would be selling under pressure and thus lose out in any deals struck.