Police authorities on Monday reported the discovery of two warehouses filled with counterfeit brand-name clothes and watches in the central Athens district of Kerameikos. Both warehouses were underground basements on Akadimou street, measuring 100 square metres and 250 square metres, respectively.

The two warehouses were discovered during an operation begun by police and the Athens municipality on Monday morning to combat the trade in pirate goods in the city centre.

Authorities are now in the process of taking an inventory of the goods found.

A police announcement noted that nine warehouses and one multi-storey building on Pireos Street filled with fake goods have so far been discovered in Athens. The estimated value of the goods they contained exceeded 30 million euro.

Some of the fake goods confiscated have already been destroyed, while in other cases, where the volume of goods found was larger, authorities are still taking an inventory.

In addition to the goods found in warehouses, police said they had confiscated a total of 663,400 counterfeit goods in 2,164 incidents during 2010. These included household goods, clothing and footwear, fashion accessories, glasses, CDs and DVDs, postcards, lighters and an assortment of other goods.