Broadband service access in Greece reached 19.9 pct of the population at the end of 2010, namely, 2,252,653 connections, the National Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) announced on Monday.

EETT, in a report, stressed that despite the fact that broadband access grew by 2.9 lines per 100 inhabitants (down from 3.58 in the previous year), Greece was the second most rapidly growing European state in mid-2010, with a growth rate double the European average. The country also improved its position in the European market, rising to the 22nd place, while it could gain another two positions by the end of the year if it continued with the same growth rates.

The number of active subscribers of 3G services was almost unchanged from the previous quarter, totaling 2,786,540 for an access rate of 24.6 pct.