Dimitris Daskalopoulos, president of the Federation of Hellenic Enterprises -Greece’s largest employers’ union- on Monday urged the government to speed up reforms in the public sector, to open up markets and to make a more efficient management of the state’s real estate property, saying the decisions taken in an EU Summit in March 11 offered the country more time.

“This is a last chance to make a new start. If we continue stalling, Europe and the markets will turn their back to us,” Daskalopoulos told during an event organized by the Federation to present a corporate governance code for listed enterprises.

“There are no more limits for discounts. The crisis is not manageable with half jobs and the public does not want half talk anymore,” he said, adding that complacency would be the fatal mistake at this point.

The head of the employers’ group said the country was currently at the most crucial cross-road of the crisis and the government needed to prove if it had the will and the ability to begin a fight with the hard core of the state. He said that the state might be bankrupt but the economy and the society continued to be fed by the state, while he stressed that unless the state was limited the country would continue to produce deficits and debts, with high inflation and unemployment, higher taxes with no economic growth.