Greece's Environment Minister Tina Birbili on Monday demanded that all existing and future nuclear power facilities undergo stress tests, while presenting Greece's positions to an emergency meeting of the EU environment ministers' council.

She focused particularly on neighbouring Bulgaria and Turkey, saying that countries in close proximity to the EU and the G20, especially countries like Turkey that hoped to ultimately join the EU, should participate in any discussion on nuclear power if they operated or were planning nuclear facilities.

The council was held in Brussels on Monday to discuss the repercussions of the nuclear disaster in Japan and the recent crisis in Libya.

Presenting Greece's positions, Birbili said that the EU should seek to ensure that all neighbouring countries signed current conventions on the safe handling of spent nuclear fuel and nuclear waste, consult with EURATOM and their neighbours concerning plans to build nuclear facilities, in accordance with a 1994 Vienna Convention and ensure that planned projects were fully compatible with the EIA directive calling for environmental impact studies.