Communist Party (KKE) leader Aleka Papariga sharply criticised the Greek government over the ongoing allied military operations against the Gaddafi regime in Libya, stressing that the country (Greece) has, unfortunately, provided too much in unfair wars and attacks, "and naturally continues this activity because it has not broken from that policy".

Speaking to a private radio station on Monday morning, Papariga added that Greece could have taken advantage of the differences of opinion within NATO's ranks to obstruct, as she said, the process.

Papariga said the attacks on the government forces in Libya have nothing to do with humanitarianism or democracy. "It is the oil in the region, the pipelines ... and it is not only Libya's oil, it is the fact that Libya was going to play a role, possibly a leading one, in Africa ... Libya is possibly a bridgehead for greater penetration in Africa. This is not a humanitarian intervention," she charged.