Greece's main opposition New Democracy (ND) party agrees with the participation, as well as the way that has been chosen for the country to participate in the intervention in Libya, said the party's relevant sector chief Panos Panayiotopoulos.

Speaking to the Flash radio station on Monday, he said that "I believe that Greece is rightly participating, on the other hand it is rightly keeping the necessary distance. Greece chose correctly and we must keep this, to participate helping, giving infrastructures, helping at the level of supervising the exclusion of the airspace, but not participating for example in bombing operations. We must take into consideration that these develpments as a matter of fact strengthen the strategic role of Greece and of Cyprus in the region. It will be good if the government attempts to shape different conditions for the country's image abroad, conditions that will also help us at the level of handling the economic crisis."

Panayiotopoulos mentioned as an example the issue of illegal immigration, saying that "I am expecting from Mr. (Prime Minister George) Papandreou to raise at EU summit councils the issue of the new wave of illegal immigrants, that it is certain will result from the unrests in North Africa."