Government spokesman Giorgos Petalotis on Monday reiterated that “we are not part of any alliance against Libya. We have specific positions, viewpoints and proposals, while our involvement has specific limits and axes considering that Greece adheres to UN Security Council Resolution 1973 and observes its contractual obligations toward the international organizations in which it is represented. Greece’s participation is clearly supportive in nature.”

Petalotis stressed that “as regards the likelihood of reprisals we are not afraid of them, we are totally covered,” citing a relevant response by Defence Minister Evangelos Venizelos.

Petalotis underlined that the government has proved that it possesses specific reflexes and an ideological axis as regards the peoples’ self-determination” and cited a statement made by the Socialist International (SI) presiding board last Saturday in Athens.

"In the Paris summit on Saturday, the prime minister tabled a proposal suggesting that all diplomatic methods by applied, including missions undertaken by state leaders, to ease the situation before the commencement of war operations. However, it was established that the Libyan regime lacks credibility ... the diplomatic route option should be kept open even now as stated by the prime minister”.