The Civil Servants Supreme Administrative Council (ADEDY) called on working people in a rally it held in Klafthmonos Square in Athens on Tuesday afternoon, in light of the European Union's summit, and in a relevant announcement,to express their opposition to the harsh austerity and the restriction of their rights that are being promoted for the benefit of capital and bankers.

The demonstrators held orange-coloured flags that wrote "All in the streets", while hoisting a banner saying "They are stealing the rights of a century, all together on the path of the struggle" and "Wherever the IMF passes schools close." Moreover, a joint banner hoisted by members of ADEDY and the General Confederation of Workers of Greece (GSEE) stressed "The competitiveness accord and the memorandums are leading us to poverty."

Lastly, slogans against the war in Libya were also heard that, as the demonstrators underlined, is taking place for the oil.