President of the Republic Karalos Papoulias called for the unity of Hellenism to overcome today's challenges and for Greece to succeed in overcoming the economic crisis, in a message to Greeks abroad issued on Tuesday for Friday's March 25 national holiday.

"In the present era, the main characteristic of which is the economic crisis, a comparable unanimity and vigilance is mandatory in order for a creative response to be given to the existing challenges and difficulties we have ahead of us. Despite the adverse conditions arising both at national and international level, we do not forget that only united can we make the impossible feasible," the President said.

Addressing the country's "ambassadors abroad", as he called the overseas Greeks, Papoulias stressed that they are the bridge between the homeland and the countries in which they live, work and progress.

The celebration of the March 25 anniversary of the 1821 war of independence against Ottoman rule "is for all Greeks, wherever they are, a day of national uplifting and pride", Papoulias said in his message, adding that all of Hellenism on that day pays tribute to the 1821 freedom fighters who "with self-deprivation and heroism sacrifices their lives in the name of liberty, national independence and democracy".

"The Greeks of the Diaspora were not absent from that historic calling of the national revolution that changed the tide of modern Greek history, sending the message of 'liberty or death' to all of Europe and the world. It was also their intervention that contributed to the victorious outcome of the national liberation struggle against an empire that appeared to be invincible," Papoulias said.