“Greece had made it clear from the beginning - in the Paris Summit - that its participation will have nothing to do with war operations,” government spokesman George Petalotis on Tuesday stressed as regards Greece’s role in the developments in Libya.

He stressed that Greece has made it clear that any facilitations will be supportive in nature as dictated by international conventions and organizations such as, NATO and the EU, adding that it will participate mainly in the humanitarian aspects of the situation.

Petalotis also underlined that Greece is in favour of peaceful solutions through the diplomatic route.

As regards the goals of the government in view of the EU Summit on Friday, he underlined that Greece “will be faced with tough negotiations and the different interests of countries many of which are in crisis and therefore, our work and our struggle continues until the positive decisions for our country are ratified in this summit.”

On the utilization of the state-owned real property he stated that a plan will be unveiled shortly.

Referring to the behaviour of certain individuals who try to obstruct the contact between the premier or the government ministers and the people he stated that it “reminds of fascist practices”, and used tough language referring to Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) parliamentary group leader Alexis Tsipras.