Main opposition New Democracy (ND) party vice president Dimitris Avramopoulos, representing party leader Antonis Samaras at the off-the-agenda discussion in Parliament called by Prime Minister George Papandreou for a briefing on the developments in Libya, appeared consensual, supporting the government's actions and terming as correct Greece's stance on developments in Libya.

"Our stance is determined by the national interest of the country and international legality, with foundations and moral base, the Security Council resolution," Avramopoulos said.

In parallel, he stressed the need for all parties to contribute to the shaping of a national stance that will strengthen, as he said, the country's prestige and will render it a factor of peace and stability in the wider region of the Mediterranean.

"Greece must declare itself present in the developments, honour and utilise its strategic advantages combined with its steadfast and longstanding friendship with the Arab world. Greece is neither small nor weak. Its presence must be rid of phobic syndromes and at the same time have a crystal-clear position," Avramopoulos stressed.

"International legal order must continue its efforts because otherwise it will place the region in prolonged instability with uncontrollable situations. What is necessary here where we have arrived is an integrated, concerted action plan and all countries must contribute with the aim of consolidating peace and security in the region," he concluded.