President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias on Wednesday underlined "the imperative need" for Greece to respond, in tandem with its partners, on an institutional level to Turkey's "absurd insistence to build a nuclear plant on a site that is highly seismic, thus endangering both Greek territories as well as the safety of the wider region's residents."

In a message addressed on the occasion of Greece's March 25 Independence Day anniversary, Papoulias added that the "tragedy experienced by Japan today, reminds us of the caducity of matter, the vanity of consumerism and wealth, the insignificance of life against nature's absolutism."

He also called on Turkey to "realise that it does not exist all alone but that it co-exists within an international environment governed by concrete rules and limits."

Finally, the president urged the nation to keep alive the memory of the 1821 War of Independence.