An exhibition of historical documents and works of art related to the 1821 revolution, marking the 190th anniversary of the March 25, 1821 launching of the Greek struggle for independence from Ottoman rule, was inaugurated on Wednesday by foreign minister Dimitris Droutsas.

The exhibition is hosted on the ground floor of the foreign ministry premises at 1 Akademias street in downtown Athens.

"Our devotion to the country remains undiminished," Droutsas said in his inauguration address.

He also thanked the foreign ministry staff "who are carrying out their duty conscientiously in all of Greece's diplomatic and consular missions all over the world", as well as for their "successful handlings in difficult situations they were called on for recently in Egypt, Libya and Japan".

Referring to the exhibition, Droutsas expressed the wish for such events to become an institution, and added his intention for the foreign ministry to be "open to society, since its everyday operation is a constant contribution to society, even though this may not be always evident, in all aspects", from exercising a responsible policy that consolidates the country's interests always and everywhere to the provision of assistance to Greek citizens in need of it.

Droutsas further underlined the significant international ramifications of the 1821 revolution, as it "shook up the conservative establishments that oppressed the peoples of the European continent, gradually stirred the progressive spirits all over the world, and inspired the ideal of liberty to the other peoples of the Balkans".

He further paid tribute to the "common struggle waged by the revolting Greeks, the philhellenes and the Greeks of the Diaspora to project the just demands of the struggle, influence foreign centers of authority and create international alliances, a task that proved to be a saving intervention at the critical moment".