Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) parliamentary group president Alexis Tsipras on Wednesday spoke of “unprece-dented political scheming against SYRIZA” that is being “designed with the government’s full coverage”.

In statements made after the extraordinary meeting of the small Parliament-represented leftist party executive secretariat, held with the participation of SYRIZA MPs, Tsipras kept his distance from phenomena of violence, stressing that “violence was always the last resort for the darkest cycles of power when they felt cornered”.

The executive secretariat discussed the atmosphere in the party's relations with the government as a result of a high-profile clash with government vice-president Theodoros Pangalos.

Tsipras stated that the situation was created by the “completely justified indignation expressed by the people and their spontaneous reaction to the government policy”.

Referring to the comments made by government spokesman Giorgos Petalotis on Tuesday, Tsipras accused him of “announcing a provocation against SYRIZA”.