General Secretary of Sports Panos Bitsaxis on Friday referred to the issue of football games played in Greece in 2010 that are suspected of being “fixed”, as charged by UEFA.


Speaking on an Athens-area sports radio, he said the relevant file has been forwarded to a prosecutor for further investigation. Bitsaxis underlined that “we should not make any rushed judgments,” and added that the “shadow” cast is heavy and should be dissolved, calling on professional football to “organise its activity on a healthy basis.”

He added that UEFA has pointed at a total of 39 “suspicious” football games played in Greece, but this “does not mean that all 39 of them will be proved to be corrupt or suspicious,” adding that “this ‘shadow’ does not concern only Greece”.

He stressed that the Special Audit Service continues its efforts for the reform of professional football and sports finances, adding that the Greek Football Federation (EPO) also moves toward this direction, pointing out, however, that this is a “hard-to-solve type of crime”.