A problem that has arisen with the operation of several traffic lights in the wider Athens area will be solved within the weekend, public works secretary general Yiannis Economidis told ANA-MPA on Friday.

He said that the problem was not extensive as presented (by the media), noting that it concerns some 20 junctions in the center of Athens and another 10-15 in surrounding municipalities.

The problem that has arisen in the traffic lights' operation should be treated comprehensively, together with the Siemens company, but also with the delay in the Metro expansion works, Economidis said.

Relevant decisions for overall resolution of the problem will be taken in the immediate future, at government level, he added.

The issue of the traffic lights has two parameters, those that concern the system's overall junction equipment, regulators, controls, etc., and the second parameter concerning the disposable materials, bulbs, wiring, etc., he explained, adding that a major section of the traffic lights system has been undertaken by Siemens.

At the present, a tender has been completed for the maintenance of the traffic lights network, which was won by a different company which, over the next 2-3 days, will normalise the system, and wherever junction material (controls, etc.) will be transferred from other parts points of the network, Economidis continued.

However, he added, a definitive solution should be found in the problem with Siemens, which is responsible for the largest proportion of the junction equipment and the network.

The transport, infrastructure and networks ministry further intends to go ahead with two more tenders, one for junction equipment (regulators, controls, etc.) and one for conventional material (lights bulbs, etc.) so that there will be no problem with maintenance of the network.

As regards the Metro works, the stations to Elliniko and to the other extensions have progressed by 80-90 percent, but Siemens' participation, which has won the tender for the traffic technology, is delaying the completion and a solution needs to be found. Economidis said.

He said that an ad hoc committee has conducted a relevant study, adding that the procedures will be transparent, and the final say belongs to the Cabinet.