A confrontation took place between government spokesman George Petalotis and main opposition New Democracy (ND) party spokesman Yiannis Mihelakis on statements made on the Greek economy in Brussels by ND leader Antonis Samaras, following the summit of the European Peoples' Party (EPP).

"We are pleased of course that Mr. Samaras participating in the EPP's summit in Brussels is expounding to his counterparts, his party's view," Petalotis said. "It is, however, at least, once again, an impropriety, at a time when the prime minister, George Papandreou, is negotiating with the leaders of EU countries the improvement of our borrowing terms and the creation of a prospect for our country, with the main argument being our credibility and the great steps that we have taken together with the citizens, the ND leader to be defaming and distorting reality, stressing that in Greece the policy being applied is not succeeding, since it is failing in all its predictions," he added.

"Unfortunately, however, for ND, but fortunately for Greece, at the same time that Mr. Samaras is speaking of dangers internationally and in extension is calling on our partners not to trust us, the European leaders of all the political groups trust us and reward our national effort, accepting our arguments," the government spokesman further said and added that "ND, therefore, after ruining the country, is now investing in danger talk. On the contrary, the government is investing in the strength of the Greeks."

Mihelakis replied that "Mr, Petalotis, before speaking about New Democracy, must remember what Mr. (Prime Minister George) Papandreou was saying, as well as Mr. (Finance Minister George) Papaconstantinou on Greece and the Greeks abroad," reminding of the expressions "Titanic", "corrupt country", "economy in the intensivce care ward."
The ND spokesman concluded by saying "but because he is disputing if the PASOK government's economic policy 'is succeeding', we advise him to ask the thousands of unemployed, pensioners, the self-employed professionals, the farmers. And he will find out in this way."